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Best Locksmith Solutions for Your Home!

Supreme Locksmith Everett is a trusted name in neighborhoods of Everett WA. We are into the business of locksmiths since 1987, providing locking solutions to the people of Everett. We believe in giving our best in all the services that we provide. We strongly believe that a happy customer is the biggest blessing for our business to flourish and we have worked hard to keep up to that belief. We are the fastest and most trusted service providers for residential locking systems, lockouts and so on!


Locked Out is No more a Problem!

Being locked out of your own home is not a good scenario we know. Especially when you are in WA and the chilling cold is not paying your body any mercy. It could take hours if you try and open up the door with all the identical keys in your key bunch and yet in the end you would be left with a locked outdoor only with a little damaged lock. Or instead of getting into any such time consuming failed attempts, you could simply dial 425-629-0413 and you will thank us for getting you back to that warm interior of your home sweet home within just minutes of calling for help.

Supreme Residential Locksmith Everett understands that home lockout service requires some lock identifying skills and a general idea on how the residential locks are designed. We make sure to train each and every employee that joins us with all the updates that a professional locksmith should have knowledge of. We do conduct strict backgrounds checks before accepting any new professionals in our team to make sure our customers are in safe hands.


Affordable Re-key & Home Lock Solutions!

We also provide re-key solutions, because sometimes it may happen that while trying to bypass the lock, one has to damage the lock a little as it wont open otherwise, in such scenarios, we offer you re-key solutions wherein instead of replacing the lock, our locksmith can change the orientation of the lock pins to work with a new key, and the old key won’t anymore be useful. Home lock re-key is a good way of saving money. You can also consider having a lock re-keyed when a key to the lock has been jeopardized.

Supreme Residential Locksmith Everett also provides home lock replacement services wherein we provide you a wide range our home lock security system options to choose from. If you are planning to shift into your newly built house, getting a residential locksmith to install new locks in your home is a good investment. You can even consider changing your lock when it starts to malfunction in a regular manner or you feel that your lock has worn-out with time and it can be easily tampered.

Residential safety is the most important aspect of having your family safe and secure. It’s very much important that you have the best locking systems installed in your home to avoid any incidents of theft or burglary in your absence. You can always give us a call on 425-629-0413 to connect with our experts. We would love to hear from you.