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Supreme Locksmith Everett WA is a name known for its fastest and friendly locksmith services. We started as a locksmith in 1987 when there was no technology to help you unlock the locks. With the time changing rapidly, technology has taken over the world. All the years that we’ve spend in the locksmith business has helped us evolve with the changing technologies. Our knowledge has helped us understand the new technologies because as they say basics always stays the same only the ways of implementing it changes.


Locked Out Car? Lost Car Keys? Call 425-629-0413!

Locked cars is a situation most of us would come across every once in a while. Whether its about missing to take the car key out of ignition before closing the door or you have just broken your car key while getting it out of the ignition, Supreme Locksmith Everett is the name you can trust on to get you out of the situation as early as possible. We can also help you with ignition repair or transport key programming. Just give us a call on 425-629-0413 and we will make sure to reach out to you as soon as possible. Our customer care number is always active and you will receive a response within a few minutes from us post your call.

Supreme Locksmith Everett WA has some of the best locksmiths as its team. We not only believe in hiring the best talent, but also believe in keeping our locksmiths updated with the knowledge about current locking trends in market. We make sure any employee that joins us has gone through a strict back ground check and knows how to do his job best. Our experts are well behaved and well mannered to help customers in their worst lockout situations.


Best Locksmith Services at Affordable Prices!

You would think of calling the dealership in lost car condition but why spend a huge amount of money as well as time especially when you can get the same services at far cheaper rates than the dealership, not to mention the fastest solutions that Supreme Locksmith Everett will provide you. Our locksmiths are capable of unlocking any make, any year, and any model as early as possible. Have you just jammed your key in ignition? Or has someone tried to tamper with your ignition after an attempted burglary? We can help you right there with our experts providing you the best timely services for your ignition repair. With us You not only save money on towing your car, but you also save time.

At Supreme Car Key Locksmith Everett WA, Our services are available 24*7, even during weekends. You just need to give us a call on 425-629-0413 and we will be there to help you to reopen your car and get it running back on the roads within a few minutes without doing any damage to your lock or car. You would not have to worry about getting your car damaged because we know the art of removing a key and unlocking lock without compromising on the beauty of it.